Slid Hacker Level System

Last updated in 2022.01.03

What is Hacker Level System?

Hacker Level System is a replacement for the traditional Senior-Junior System. We use this level system for Recognition & Reward (인정 & 보상).
* Hacker Level Test: Any hacker can ask for their evaluation test 3 times every 12 months. Higher-level hackers will evaluate the hacker.
* Hacker Respect Test: In order to become a lead hacker, any hacker needs to have enough lower-level hackers' respect.

Hacker Levels

Level 0 Hacker

⇒ Candidates for Slid Hacker
Expected competencies
Have done their own project out of their interest.
The project had actual users. (Number doesn't matter)
To become Level 1 Hacker:
Pass technical interview or Pass 1-Month project

Level 1 Hacker

⇒ Default level for new hackers
Expected competencies
Have proper minimum skills for their responsibility.
Able to self-lead the independent mini-project.
To become Level 2 Hacker:
Approval by Level ≥ 3 Hackers after 3-Month Grace-period

Level 2 Hacker (Able to contribute)

⇒ Minimum level for individual hackers
Expected competencies
Able to understand how the existing product works.
Able to participate in Sprint project and run the project successfully.
Able to find their own projects for cooling weeks.
To become Level 3 Hacker:
Approval by Level ≥ 4 hackers on Hacker Level Test

Level 3 Hacker (Having Ownership)

⇒ Advanced individual hackers
Starter / Expert
Expected competencies
Able to suggest & execute new Sprint project related to team’s challenges.
Able to Improve the previous project constantly
Able to give meaningful code reviews to other hackers
Able to onboard new hackers with the existing product
Able to help other hackers with their projects
To become Level 4 Hacker:
Approval by Level ≥ 4 hackers on Hacker Level Test
Approval by Level ≤ 3 hackers on Hacker Respect Test

Level 4 Hacker (Becoming a leader)

⇒ Able to choose whether to remain as an individual hacker or become a lead hacker.
Expected competencies
Individual hacker (Focusing on solution)
Able to come up with a breakthrough solution for challenging problems.
Able to share multiple ideas when other hackers are solving difficult problems.
Lead hacker (Focusing on helping the team’s success & growth)
Able to understand all the technical challenges for the team and have its own brief solutions for the challenges.
Able to know all the technical debts we have, and handle these while not sacrificing the speed.
Able to manage & improve development process for the whole dev team.
Able to coach level 4 ≥ hackers for their improvement.

Level 5 Hacker

Expected competencies

Level 6 Hacker

Expected competencies